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An intimate, interior reflection on love written during a pandemic that refined and deepened any
love that survived the separations it imposed. Thirteen songs spanning many styles --  ballad,
bossa, rumba, samba, swing, waltz, and a Middle Eastern muwashah -- and interpreted through
the lush sounds of a jazz combo, a string quartet, flute, sax, and the versatile, beguiling voice of
Mavis Pan.  Taiwanese New Yorker Mavis is joined by her globe-trotting lyricist David Keyes
on their second CD, by Grammy-winning arranger Michael Patterson, by Grammy-winning
instrumentalist Ted Nash, and by Grammy-winning engineers Chris Sulit and Dave
Darlington in a concept album that goes from the ear to heart to the brain, where it recalls love
after love with new appreciation.
Mavis moves fluidly between many facets of love including the head-over-heels variety,
contented lovesickness, amazement, reflection, sentimentality, and confidence. Her tales of love
can be full of fun or lead to pain, just like the real thing, subject to fate and fortune, addressed in
Inside with frailty and fortitude.

Mavis Pan "INSIDE" Jazz Vocal Album EPK 2022

Mavis Pan "INSIDE" Jazz Vocal Album EPK 2022

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There should be a law against your beauty outside a veil. Yet, if I gave into my thoughts, I’d be
the one to go to jail!” Laws aside, according to Euphues, “All is fair in love and war.” No true
lover objects to their captivity, but revels in it. Mavis Pan contentedly surrenders to lovesickness
in a spell-casting string-accompanied waltz ballad.

“When I Write a Poem” is a spicy five-eighths rhythm Middle Eastern muwashah sung by
composer Mavis Pan, with dramatic obligatos by flutist Ted Nash, over a jazz combo and string
quartet. Michael Patterson’s masterful arrangement transplants the listener into the sights,
sounds, smells, and tastes of an outdoor souq, as we follow the singer interpreting the scene to
her lover, imagined to be present.

“Certain things are certain: we’re in love! This defies the odds below, but makes sense above.”

Every relationship that is certain has in it “certain things” that make it so, despite the obstacles. This rumba celebrates such certainty cement in the assuring tones of Mavis Pan, reflected through the buoyant flute solos of Ted Nash.

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